DSTIKE Deauther Watch Z
DSTIKE Deauther Watch Z
DSTIKE Deauther Watch Z
DSTIKE Deauther Watch Z
DSTIKE Deauther Watch Z

DSTIKE Deauther Watch Z

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There are two version of V4S: V4S and V4S-IR.

The V4S can control three different scripts using three buttons.

The IR version can control 21 different ducky scripts using an infrared remote control.(

Due to the use of the infrared functionality, the original three buttons have been disabled. 



Difference Deauther Watch SE Deauther Watch V3S Deauther Watch V4S
New Name Deauther Watch X Deauther Watch Y Deauther Watch Z
Battery 500mah 1000mah 1000mah
Antenna Range 30-50m 80-100m 80-100m
Color Black/Green/Red Black Black
Buzzer YES NO NO
Work Time 5-6h 9-10h 9-10h
Weight 62g 80g 99g
Size(LxWxH mm) 60x50x25 80x50x25 80x70x25

What is it?

It is a hacker watch.You can attempt deauther attacks and bad USB attacks on this watch. emember, this is just a learning platform. All the source code is on the SD card. You can visit deauther.com to learn about deauther, visit ha5.org to learn about ducky script.

Why did you make it?

The old model requires the buyer to program Arduino themselves to execute a Bad USB attack. The new model does not require the buyer to download and install Arduino. The buyer only needs to modify the script in the txt file.


  • Deauther Attack: Disconnect 2.4G WiFi
  • Deauther Beacon: Create fake networks
  • Deauther Probe: Confuse WiFi trackers
  • Packet Monitor: Display WiFi traffic
  • Clock: Real Time Clock Adjustable
  • Bad USB Attack: The Human Interface Device (HID) Attack

Z Package Included

  • 1x Deauther Watch Z
  • 1x TypeC Power Cable
  • 1x Arcylic Cover Board
  • 1x SoftWare Manual

V4S-IR version Package Included

  • 1x Deauther Watch V4S IR version
  • 1x Infrared Remote Control
  • 1x TypeC Power Cable
  • 1x Arcylic Cover Board
  • 1x SoftWare Manual


This project serves as a proof of concept for testing and educational purposes. It is important to note that neither the ESP8266 nor its SDK were intended or developed for such purposes. As a result, bugs may occur. Please ensure that you only use this project against your own networks and devices. Prior to usage, it is essential to review and comply with the legal regulations pertaining to your country. We do not accept any responsibility for any actions taken with this program.

More Info


The deauthentication feature is designed to close the connection of WiFi devices by sending deauthentication frames to the selected access points and client devices. It's important to note that this attack is only possible because many devices do not implement the 802.11w-2009 standard, which provides protection against such attacks.

To ensure proper usage, please select only one target at a time. If you select multiple targets running on different channels and initiate the attack, the system will rapidly switch between those channels, making it difficult to reconnect to the access point hosting the web interface.


Beacon packets are used to advertise access points. By continuously sending beacon packets out, it will look like you created new WiFi networks. You can specify the network names under SSIDs.


Probe requests are sent by client devices to ask if a known network is nearby. Use this attack to confuse WiFi trackers by asking for networks that you specified in the SSID list. It's unlikely you will see any impact by this attack with your home network.


A HID (Human Interface Device) attack is a type of cyberattack that leverages a device, often designed to mimic a keyboard or mouse, to exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system or network. This attack method takes advantage of the fact that most computer systems inherently trust input from HID devices, such as keyboards and mice.