DSTIKE ESP-07(4MB Flash Inside)

DSTIKE ESP-07(4MB Flash Inside)

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What is it?

It is a DSTIKE custom version ESP-07, I use it on all my products

Why did you make it?

All the ESP-07 on the market has 1MB flash. The most used ESP-12F has 4MB flash. It is not fair so I made this 4MB version ESP-07

What makes it special?

You can check some open-sourced projects I made with ESP-07.

I provide two options for ESP-07: Default AT firmware and Deauther firmware.

Deauther firmware is the same with Deauther MiNi.

Default Deauther software support:

  • Display: SH1106 1.3" OLED
  • Display SDA: GPIO 5 (D1)
  • Display SCL/SCK: GPIO 4 (D2)
  • WS2812b LED: GPIO 15 (D8)
  • Button Up: GPIO 12
  • Button Down: GPIO 13
  • Button Select: GPIO 14
  • High Light LED: GPIO16