DSTIKE D-duino-32 XS
DSTIKE D-duino-32 XS
DSTIKE D-duino-32 XS
DSTIKE D-duino-32 XS
DSTIKE D-duino-32 XS
DSTIKE D-duino-32 XS

DSTIKE D-duino-32 XS

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It is a ESP32+TFT development board

Why did you make it?

I just released D-duino-32 XR. It is a upgrade version of XR. You can also check my blog(https://dstike.com/blogs/news/about-those-copycat-products-of-mine) to see the past versions I've made.

GPIOs and hardware info:

  • Display: ST7789 1.3" Screen
  • Display SDA(MOSI): GPIO 26
  • Display SCL/SCK: GPIO 27
  • Display DC: GPIO 23
  • Display RST: GPIO32
  • Display Background LED : GPIO22 (Low will close BackGround)
  • Resolution: 240*240
  • WS2812b LED: GPIO 25
  • Buzzer:GPIO33
  • Button Up: GPIO 19
  • Button Down: GPIO 5
  • Button Select: GPIO 18

SD card

  • GPIO12--DAT2
  • GPIO13--DAT3
  • GPIO15--CMD
  • GPIO14--CLK
  • GPIO2--DAT0
  • GPIO4--DAT1
  • GPIO21--card

What makes it special?

  • ~100mA power usage
  • LM39100 Low Voltage Low-Dropout Regulator
  • All GPIO breakouts and 3.3 and 5V output
  • 2 LEDs to indicate battery charging status (Red:Charging,Green:Full)
  • Protection: short, over charging, over discharging, temperature, reverse
  • ESP32-Wrover inside(4MB Flash+4MB PSRAM)
  • Auto download function integrated
  • SD-card function integrated
  • Passive buzzer and RGB LED  


1.Install the environment for ESP32  


2.Install TFT library  


3.Install Adafruit NeoPixel Library


4.Code Example