DSTIKE D-duino-32 XR
DSTIKE D-duino-32 XR
DSTIKE D-duino-32 XR
DSTIKE D-duino-32 XR
DSTIKE D-duino-32 XR
DSTIKE D-duino-32 XR

DSTIKE D-duino-32 XR

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What is it?

It is a ESP32+OLED developmemt board.

 Why did you make it? 

Maybe you know or not, my D-duino-32.
was copied by "Wemos""TTGO""WEMS"(They are the same company).
If you want to know who is the copycat company you can look my BLOG.
In the new year I want to challenge this copycat company so I made this product.


What makes it special?

  • 1.3OLED on the surface(SDA-GPIO14,SCL-GPIO27)
  • RGB LED on the surface(GPIO12)
  • Buzzer on the surface(GPIO4)
  • Navigation switch(Left-GPIO2,Center-GPIO15,Right-GPIO13)
  • More GPIOs break out

Some tips

Although I added the auto-flash function to this kit,sometimes you still need to hold "Flash" when uploading code. Whatever, I am improving D-duino-32,if you have any suggestions welcome to tell me. D-duino-32 SD Final may be the most stable version. What I tested the auto-flash function of D-duino32 SD Final works well at any situation. You may ask why the price of D-duino-32 SD Final is much higher than D-duino32 XR.  D-duino-32 SD Final is pre-flashed with "Packet Monitor" program developed by Spacehuhn. So I have to take some profit to support him. Another reason is I do not want to earn money on D-duino-32 XR, I only want to fight against the copycat company.
1.Install the environment for ESP32:
2.Install OLED library: 
3.Install Adafruit NeoPixel Library:  
4.Code Example: