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What is it?

Simply said, it is a bluetooth glass + BAD USB. The black box besides the glass has a Atmeg32u4 inside which could be programmed with Arduino. You can control 1 Laser and 4 LED with a 3-way momentary slide switch. It is a good tool for Arduino beginners. It is also a hacker tool if you are good at programming.

Why did you make it?

I like Mission impossible very much. I want to make the same glass like the one Tom Bruce wore. The black box has Atmega32u4 inside so you can use it as a Bad USB. I do not think a Bad USB is "Bad" because you can use it like a password keeper, NoteBook...

Black Box Features

  • Laser:Digital Pin 7
  • LED 1:Digital Pin 1
  • LED 2:Digital Pin 0
  • LED 3:Digital Pin 2
  • LED 4:Digital Pin 3
  • 3-way momentary Switch(Digital Pin 8,9,10)
  • Reset Button
  • 500mAh battery inside
  • Power indicate LED
  • Charging(RED ON, Green OFF)
  • Full(RED OFF, Green ON)

  • Press switch to turn on laser, press again to turn off laser.

  • Push forward to open High light LED, push backward to turn off LED.

Bluetooth Glass Features

  • Type:Bluetooth Headphone Sunglass
  • Material:PC
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters(without any obstacles)
  • Talk time:6 hours
  • Stand-by time:120 hours
  • Charging time:3 hours
  • Noise-signal ratio: 15 decibel resolution
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Music sunglasses, can listen music, support answer and refuse a call
  • Perfect combination of durable and fashion lenses, offers anti-glare and ultraviolet protection

Bluetooth Glass Operation

  • Long press the middle button for about 4 seconds until the red light alternate with the blue light, this means the bluetooth is in the paring status.
  • Turn on your cellphone bluetooth, find the glasses "glasses" device and connect it. The paring is successful when the 2 light stops flashing.
  • After this 2 steps, you can listening music and answer or refuse a call
  • Auto switch to phone talking mode when making and receiving calls, you can listen music in your cellphone,With Previous/Next Song control, Volume Up/Down control
  • The glasses can be flip-up
  • High-fidelity, CD quality sound effects
  • Earphones built directly on to the frame, and can be adjusted for comfortable fit.

How to program the black box

Open IDE and select "Arduino Leonardo" in the board option.


1.Bad USB code part can only be put at the setup() field. If you put it in the loop() you may have a problem where the computer cannot recognize the watch. You have to re-flash bootloader to fix this problem.

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