Cyber B Necklace
Cyber B Necklace
Cyber B Necklace
Cyber B Necklace
Cyber B Necklace

Cyber B Necklace

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What is it?

It is a hacker necklace with a TFT screen. It could perform HID attack as a bad USB.You can wear it just like a cool guy.You can keep important password into this necklace. You can use it to hack computer WiFi passwords. It could do a lot of hack things.

Why did you make it?

Turn on the switch and wait 3 seconds TFT starts working.TFT could work around 2 hours. Turn off the switch and connect 5Vpower. Necklace will start charging.This product includes a 70mah rechargeable CR2032 battery. There is a indicate LED. When charging finish this led will turn off. Charging time is around 40 minutes. When you connect PC necklace will work as BAD USB. Arduino player could program yourself. Demo code is open sourced.

Arduino setting:

  • 1.Open Arduino IDE
  • 2.Tools->Board->Arduino Leonardo
  • 3.Tools->Port->ComXX(Arduino Leonardo)

What makes it special?

  • MCU: Atmega32u4
  • TFT: st7789
  • Battery: 70mah 3.7V rechargeable CR2032
  • Charging time:30-40min
  • Work time: 3~4 hours
  • TFT Back Light: GPIO4
  • Button: GPIO6

Please turn it off before charging or connect PC. There is a charging indicate LED. When charging finish this LED will go out.

Schematic and demo code