Cyber A Necklace
Cyber A Necklace
Cyber A Necklace
Cyber A Necklace
Cyber A Necklace
Cyber A Necklace

Cyber A Necklace

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What is it?

It is not only a blinking necklace.,it is also an Arduino starter kit. Arduino beginners can easily learn how to control Arduino Leonardo. At the same time it is a hacker tool.Hacker can use necklace to perform HID attack. Easily say just connect this necklace to computer, computer can execute auto turn off ,auto black screen , auto pop-up window... commands. If you are a forgetful man, you can also keep passwords into this necklace.

How to use it?

Turn on the switch and wait 6~7 seconds necklace starts blinking.(If you do not want to wait so long, you can fix code).RGB can work around 3hours. Turn off the switch and connect 5Vpower. Necklace will start charging.This product include an 70mah rechargeable CR2032 battery. There is a indicate LED besides RESET button. When charging finish this led will turn off. Charging time is around 40 minutes. When you connect PC necklace will work as BAD USB. Bad USB demo runs 6~7 seconds and then RGB starts blinking.

Arduino setting:

  • 1.Open Arduino IDE
  • 2.Tools->Board->Arduino Leonardo
  • 3.Tools->Port->ComXX(Arduino Leonardo)

What makes it special?

  • MCU: Atmega32u4
  • RGB: ws2812b
  • Battery: 70mah 3.7V rechargeable CR2032
  • Charging time:30-40min
  • Work time: 3~4 hours
  • Size:3x3 cm
  • Weight:50g

Before uploading code you have to install Adafruit NeoPixel library first.

Please turn it off before charging or connect PC.

There is a charging indicate LED. When charging finish this LED will go out.

Schematic and demo code