About those "copycat" products of mine

Hello, I am Travis Lin, a small maker from China, sorry my English is not very good. But I have to say something about "Shanzhai"(copycat).

Maybe you know or not, a lot of my products were copied last two years. I did not care about them because I were busy with Spacehuhn's joint work “ESP8266 Deauther”. You can check how may versions of deauther boards I upgraded.

D-duino-32 may be the most sold copycat products,thanks to Tindie, they kept orignal D-duino-32 product link. 

You can see I keep improving D-duino-32 project this 2 years.But finally I decide to stop this product because of the reason: too small screen,  few breakout GPIOs, not support auto-flash. My another product "D-duino-32 SD Final" fixed all these problem and added more features.

OK, Let's go back to talk about the copycat products. Let's compare the most sold "D-duino-32".

You see almost all the components position are the same.When I upgrade V1 to V2, I compressed the size and moved EN button to the front. But the fake board did nothing and just moved the button to front! The name of this copycat comany is " Shenzhen Xin Yuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd " . And it is the company behind"WEMOS","WEMS","TTGO","LOLIN32""LLGO".

copycat company


My other products like pocket8266(Deauther V1),pocket 8266 oled(Deauther OLED V1),pocket 32, 18650 battery shield, X-project...etc were also copied by this company. 

 copied products list

So,what do you think if you were me?

I have warned them stopping the copycat behavior,but they cheated me.

What I want to say, such companies do not worth respect and should  be abandoned by people.